Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a Waste

Another brilliant start by Josh Beckett was squandered last night. This team just does not score runs with their ace on the mound, and it makes me crazy. It all started back in April when the Sox lost to these same Rays after Beckett posted 13 K's and allowed only a couple of runs. Arrrggh!

Here is another great article by Joe Posnanski. It compares and contrasts Derek Jeter and Pete Rose. Both were loved and hated in their time, and were often labeled as overrated by the fans and media. It's very interesting, but extremely detailed. Make sure you've had your coffee first before reading.


Joey said...
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Joey said...

I know its furstrating but if the sox can win tonight I still like their chances in the divison. They will be tied. (I know still 2 back in the loss column) They have 7 home games (3 road) left, and an off day. The rays have 8 road games (4 at home) , no days off and a doubleheader.

Dan said...

This subsequent horrible start by Wakefield is precisely why the Sox must take advantage of a great performance by their ace. You have a chance to win everytime Beckett is on the mound. When you squander those chances the inconsistencies of Wakefield and the rest of the staff loom large.