Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is the End

There hasn't been a season of baseball that I have watched where the Yankees didn't end the season in October. It's a tough pill to swallow and it will be weird to watch the team play games that no longer have meaning.

I'm not wholly disappointed that they aren't in. I knew that this was a definite possibility when Cashman decided to rebuild and it was something that I accepted. Things could have been different of course. If Wang and Joba didn't get hurt, if Matsui managed to stay healthy, or Posada's arm didn't fall off, things could have been different.

But good things can still come from this. Robinson Cano now knows that he has to bust his ass every day during the season. Melky has been proven to be a fourth outfielder at best and pitchers like Phil Coke and Brian Bruney came into their own.

The season cannot be deemed a complete failure even if the absurd standards of Yankee Universe are applied. Hopefully Brian Cashman is retained so that he can carry out the remainder of his plan.

During this off season the Yankees will find it hard not to go crazy and sign every single free agent they see. One big signing is acceptable as long as it is along the lines of CC Sabathia. Other than that they should let a large amount of players walk this off season and grab as many draft picks as they can and shave a ton of payroll.

Anyway there will be plenty of talk about the off season in the weeks to come but right now I will announce my temporary status as a Rays fan. Other than that I'm going to get ready to watch Phil Hughes mature and grow against A.J. Burnett who will show up tomorrow because he thinks the Yanks are going to throw a ton of money at him.

Gotta love his attitude.


Dan said...

You can take solice in the fact that Jeter never played a meaningless game at Yankee Stadium. He never played a game there with the Yankees mathematically eliminated. That's pretty crazy.

Dennis said...

Another deceiving fact to put on the resume of the most overrated player of this era.

Dan said...

I agree that Jeter is somewhat overrated. If he traded places with say, Chipper Jones. It would be Jones as the no doubt hall of famer and Jeter would have the label of good but not great. It's all about the rings. That's how things get blown out of proportion.