Monday, September 15, 2008

Last time at The House That Ruth Built

This past Saturday I made my fifth and final journey to Yankee Stadium. Even though the Yankees have been a disappointment to me in a general sense this season, they delivered every time I walked through the gate.

I would say that is an impressive feat for them considering the fact that of the five games I saw this season, one was started by Chien-Ming Wang and the other four by the likes of Darrell Rasner and Sidney Ponson.

Sir Sidney was on the mound on Saturday night and though he was his usual awful self, I did get to see Phil Coke make his Yankee Stadium debut. That was the highlight of my final trip to the stadium.

It may out do the original stadium in terms of amenities, but the new Yankee Stadium won't live up to the atmosphere of the old. I hope that at least the product on the field at the new stadium will provide the same satisfaction that the original did.

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Dan said...

The old Yankee Stadium is a special place. I can't imagine anyone getting weepy-eyed at the closing of any of these new ballparks that change corporate sponsors and names every six months.