Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back in the Game

No there has been no miracle, the Yankees are not back in the race but I am back to blogging. After my long journey through Portugal and my arduous first week of school I am back to the grindstone. Though, suppose I should have just stayed across the Atlantic with the way the Yankees are playing.

It's a shame that things turned out this way, but you could see it coming with the way Cashman was building the team. It's an impossible task to build a team while you are trying to win a World Series. The problem with what Cashman is doing, is that they really didn't move the kids along that much.

Phil Hughes couldn't stay healthy again, Ian Kennedy let his ego get in the way and Joba's shoulder problems ruined his innings build up. The Big Three weren't the only ones who regressed as both Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano took big steps backwards.

The best thing the Yankees will come away with this off-season is a huge chunk of cash as the payroll should drop by close to $80 million. I'm sure a lot of that money is going to head in CC Sabathia's direction and if the Yankees manage to sign him their rotation is going to look pretty solid with Chien-Ming Wang and Sabathia at the top of the rotation.

But until Joba joins the rotation again in June, there wont be much behind those two unless the Yanks decide to drop more money on Ben Sheets or A.J. Burnett.

Either way, Joe and I will be heading to the Bronx for one final game on Friday night. Unfortunately, this will be the third time that I have to watch the tragedy that is Sidney Ponson take the mound. But regardless of Ponson and the sad disgrace that is the Yankees right now, I am going to enjoy Yankee Stadium one last time and I'm going to enjoy watching Joe have to cheer for the Yankees to help his Sox against the big bad Rays.


Dan said...

Here's a conundrum: will Yankee fans cheer on the Rays to prevent Boston from winning the division? Anyway, I think the Sox had their chance. It wouldn't surprise me if Francona shut it down a little bit to give people rest. The Wildcard seems relatively safe. If the Sox go .500 the rest of the way, it won't win the division, but it should secure the wildcard. Then it's on to getting our butts kicked by the Angels.

Dennis said...

It's tough to get that edge back after taking your foot off the gas. If Minnesota wins the wild card, they may just be in the best situation to win the AL.

Dan said...

There's no magic formula for that, though. Teams rest players all the time to prepare for the playoffs in all sports. Sometimes it helps; sometimes they lose that edge you speak of. It's up to the coach/manager to guage the personality of his team and decide if it will work.

Joey said...

If the sox don't take the wildcard, it will be the Jays not the twins who get in. They have 7 left against the sox and the best 1-2 punch in the AL. They would be trouble for everyone if they got in.