Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Game On!

The Sox won at the Trop for the first time this year and pulled into a virtual tie for first with the Rays. I appreciate the way they did it as well, with six jacks, leaving little doubt regarding the outcome of the game. Boston was in a similar spot a week ago and let things slip away. The Red Sox must not have hangover. You know the Rays will show some pride tonight. It's no fun getting embarrassed in your own building, even if you have been in first all year and there are still no people in the stands.


Dennis said...

It really doesn't matter though. All of the contenders have played poorly the last few weeks, so the rays and Red Sox look to be virtual guarantees to make the playoffs, barring a Mets like collapse. All that is left to see in the AL is whether the Twins can catch the White Sox.

Joey said...

It matters because its the difference between playing on the road against the Angels or at home against the twins or whitesox, neither have been playing with any consistency. I was hoping for the espn.com headline to read "Boom City". Alas, it didn't happen.