Thursday, September 25, 2008

As the season winds down...

... here are a few things on my mind.

  • I think I could get a hit against the Mets bullpen right now. They lost last night to the Cubs after having a four run lead. That is the eighth such loss this season. Atrocious
  • Is there room enough for a most valuable player and a most outstanding player? There's always this debate about what "valuable" means. It's bound to be a close race. The final three contenders seem to be Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, and Justin Morneau. But it can be debated that Alex Rodriguez has performed just as well statistically. He has 35 HR, 101 RBI, 103 runs, and an OBP of 0.391 in an off year after missing 20 or so games. Does he need to perform well beyond his ridiculous yearly averages to be considered for MVP? I'm not saying he should be MVP. I'm just saying.
  • Poor Carlos Quentin. With no clear cut MVP in the AL, he emerged with the right numbers on the right team to make it easy for the writers. Now he won't even get half the votes he would've if he had stayed healthy. Should that matter? All too often they dole out MVP's based on stretch run performance only. What about the rest of the season? Well I guess you're not that valuable if your down for the playoffs. I guess I answered my own question.
  • Again, we have to ask, is there any team in the NL that is going to challenge the AL winner in the World Series? Of course, anything can happen in the playoffs. I hate it when teams like the '06 Cardinals win.
  • Is it really possible that the Cubs will win it all? Could we see three perennial disappointments win the World Series within last five years?

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Joey said...

Have you seen the Big Z in the last month. Besides the no hitter- which I think had more to do with Astro players worrying about their wife and kids in a hurricane, than Zambrano. Z has been average at best. Also, I don't think Dempster or Harden have the stones to come into fenway with world series on the line.