Friday, September 5, 2008

From Sox to 'Skins

No Red Sox on last night, so I figured I write about the Redskins, my favorite football team, who opened the NFL season by getting pushed around by the Giants. Unlike the Red Sox, who have become perenial contenders, the 'Skins like to smash any optimism you may have about the upcoming season right at the start.

Washington... couldn't... block... anyone. The Giants' line on the other hand completely controlled the game, at least in the first half. Fred Smoot was thoroughly picked on by Plaxico Burress as the Giants moved the ball at will. The second half was some of the most boring football a person could ever sit through. I think the first few games will be tough to stomach for 'Skins fans, but hopefully they will improve as the season moves on.

We will transition to the NFL after the World Series. I will continue to lament the Redskins. Pete follows the Eagles, and Joey backs the Giants.

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Dennis said...

At least the Redskins made the playoff last year! Some of us have been in purgatory since the mid 90's.