Monday, September 22, 2008

A Fond Farewell

Last night the Yankees won the game and managed to stave off elimination in the final game in Yankee Stadium history. I was impressive with what parts of the ceremony I was able to see in between working and I was actually not that upset with what I normally deem as sub-human coverage of Sunday Night Baseball that is conducted by Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

I'll admit that I don't mind Jon Miller that much and I feel like he can be pretty good most of the time even if he is way to enthusiastic for some plays. Morgan on the other hand has no business ever hold a microphone and discussing baseball on a televised broadcast.

But I will give the pair kudos for their coverage of last night's game and in particular the end of the game.

After Rivera got Brian Roberts to ground out to end the game, Miller and Morgan did the right thing and just stopped talking. For the next few minutes they just let things happen and let the picture tell the story.

It was the best announcing I have ever seen from those two.

Now it's back to reality and the disappointment that is the 2008 New York Yankees.


Dan said...

Why the hell wasn't George Steinbrenner at the game?

Joey said...

No mention of Joe Torre. The architect of the renaissance of the yankees. Is someone bitter? A true crime not to mention Torre.

Peter said...

Who knows for sure but I would imagine that he must not be healthy enough or he would be there. Big George hasn't even been healthy enough to make it up to games when he was still running the show.