Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red Sox Clinch Playoff Berth

Last night the Sox beat probable Cy Young winner Cliff Lee and clinched their 5th playoff berth in the past 6 seasons. It is always good to get that out of the way, and it gives Francona the rest of the week to rest players and set up the rotation for the 1st round. Also, its nice to know the Yanks are done and their series this weekend will look more like Trenton vs. Portland than Boston vs. New York.

Now the real season can begin. Quietly the bullpen has been coming around, and you can almost believe they could get you 9 outs in a playoff game. The line-up seems to be just healthy enough and should be able to score some runs against the Angels. The Angels seem to be better this year than in years past, but until they do it in October, I am not drinking the Kool-Aid. The same could be said for the Rays. It seems that Percival is done, and do you really think you are winning the World Series with Dan Wheeler as your closer? I will love to see how this one turns out.

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Dan said...

Go Sox!

I know that Cliff Lee will win the Cy Young, but I think Halliday ought to be getting more consideration than he is getting. Lee has a ton of wins on a bad team, and that will certainly help his cause. Usually wins are an overrated stat, but not in this case.

However, Halliday has pitched more innings, has more strike outs, EIGHT complete games, and his ERA is only slightly higher than Lee. He has 19 wins for Toronto, who have offered him virtually no run support.