Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Picks

Well, if you hurry you can still get your picks in to your bookie. I was 7-6-2 last week. Let's see if I can improve a little on that this week. Atlanta -6, Buffalo -9.5, Tennessee -4.5, Cincinnati +13, Arizona +3, New England -12, Tampa Bay +3, Carolina +3, Seattle -9, San Francisco -4.5,  Denver -5.5, Pittsburgh +3.5, Jacksonville +5, Baltimore -2, Dallas -3, and Jets +8.5.

As the season winds down I think the Sox are in a pretty good position. I know they will most likely end up opening on the West Coast, but they always play well against the Angels in the playoffs. I think  it will help the Sox have been in playoff mode for the past month, while the Angels were worrying about saves for K-Rod. This week was rough running into Halliday and Burnett, but it was good preparation as nobody was a 1-2 like that in the playoffs. Sox went 1-1 which I will definitely take considering the pitching matchups.

And finally, it looks like the Mets will back into the playoffs, because they Brewers have fallen apart in an even worse way than the Mets. Now, the Mets can go into Chicago and get straight up embarrassed and everyone will agree the Mets are an average team with three really good players (Wright, Reyes and Johan).

One more thing, Pedroia for MVP!

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Dan said...

The Angels' regular season success is often forgotten in the post-season. They appear to be a formidable opponent and did own the Sox during the regular year. But, I'm not concerned until they show me something in October.