Friday, September 26, 2008

Rivera Could be Looking at the Knife

If the week wasn't bad enough for you Yankee fans out there, it could be getting a whole lot worse. According to reports in the New York Post and what is being reported by Peter Abraham, Mariano Rivera is going to need shoulder surgery after the season.

Now it isn't the worst possible scenario. Right now they are just saying that he needs to clean up some bone spurs in his shoulder which means his rotator cuff is ok. But that still doesn't put my mind at ease.

Anytime a knife goes near a shoulder you have to be a little worried, especially when that knife is going into the shoulder of your 38-year-old closer.

This off-season could be very messy and worrisome for Yankees. One of the sure things in their universe could be a big question mark.

Not only that but if Rivera isn't there to hold onto the closer job, Joba Chamberlain's role could be in serious jeopardy.


Dan said...

I think continously switching Joba back and forth from bullpen to starter could be detrimental to his development. It could really derail a promising career.

Peter said...

I totally agree with you Dan and Joba himself wants to be a starter. What really irks me is that Joba never appeared as a reliever until last year and he has always been dominant as a starter at every level he's every pitchered at.