Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hughes is back

Well I wanted to see Phil Hughes pitch well in his last start before heading off to Arizona to build up his innings and I was finally rewarded for my faith in him this season.

Now the Blue Jays don't have a Murder's Row, but they do have a solid lineup with some legitimate hitters in the middle. Hughes handled the Jays with amazing efficiency and matched free agent-to-be A.J. Burnett pitch for pitch.

Hughes is only 22 years old and he still has some maturing to do. He needs to stay healthy for a full season and he needs to start bumping up his innings. In a few more years he could finally be showing people why he was rated ahead of Joba when they were both in the minors.

Hopefully he builds off this start and carries this momentum into next season and beyond. Now all the Yanks need is one more win and they will secure third place and avoid an embarrassing fourth place.

I guess it's up to Carl Pavano to come through against Roy Halladay. Talk about opposites. Number of starts for Pavano in a Yankee uniform: 25. Number of complete games by Halladay since Pavano signed with the Yankees: 24.

Anyway, it's the last time I'll ever have to see him in a Yankee uniform. Thank the heavens.


Dennis said...

I hate to say it my friend, but when I look at Hughes and Chamberlain, I see Jason Schmidt. Great talent that is only seen in spurts, between a lot of health issues and inexplicable slumps. Maybe they will prove me wrong and become a Johnson- Schilling type combination, but I just don't see it.

Peter said...

Well time will tell which duo ends up being the best comparison, but I think that anything about Chamberlain being a constant injury risk is a bit much.

This year was his first injury problem since he had knee surgery in 2004 and he seems to be fine. Hughes is a bit harder to guess. His injuries are never arm related but he has only made it through one pro season untouched by the injury bug.

I'm still willing to give them both the benefit of the doubt until a larger track record is developed. Plus Joba could always go to the pen, but he's a starter first.

Joey said...

I thought Joba had issues staying health in college at Nebraska. Could you do some research on this.

Peter said...

Joba had problems at Nebraska but they were knee related. He had surgery on his right knee back in 2004 and I'm pretty sure that he had tricep tendinitis at one point. But the tendinitis was as a result of his knee. His legs were weak so he overthrew.

Also, the knee problem was related to his weight and he has lost weight since then. The knee is also why he fell to the Yankees in the draft.