Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Series and Picks

I needed a good two days to recover from the rough 14 inning loss the sox suffered on Wednesday night. Some quick thoughts about that game:
1) Ellsbury was safe in the bottom of the 9th. Pedroia would have been up with the bases loaded and the game would have been over with that AB.
2) Francona needs to start using that cue ball of a head and NOT put Timlin in game changing situations. He has no excuse now, because he is carrying about 20 pitchers with the expanded rosters.
3) Are the Rays good? Yes. Do they scare me in a short series? No. Their line up is inconsistent and the bullpen is starting to show its flaws.

The Sox started the weekend off with a solid win last night over the Jays and have 2 more today. The Jays are a pain in the butt. They have 2 really good top rotation guys throwing against the Sox this weekend, so a spilt or 3 of 4 would be good.

As promised here are my picks for week 2 of the NFL.(I use for the lines.)
KC -3.5, Tennesse +1.5, Indy -1.5, NO pk, Green Bay -3, Carolina -3, NYG -8.5, Buffalo +5, Atlanta +7, Seattle -6.5, Arizona -6.5, New Engalnd +1, Denver +1, Pittsburgh +6.5, Dallas -7, and Baltimore +4.5.

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Dan said...

Timlin has been old reliable for a few years now, but I think it's over for him. He just doesn't have what it takes anymore. It's a shame.