Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Return of the Phranchise

Last night Phil Hughes finally made it back to the big leagues. It has been a very disappointing season for Hughes. Everyone expected a lot out of him and Kennedy at the beginning of the season and most of us were putting too much faith in a twenty-two year old kid who had barely any starts at Triple-A.

Hughes has the talent to be a very good starter and as he learns how to put away hitters rather than throwing thirty pitches an inning, he will become very valuable to the Yankees.

Hughes is likely to get one more start with the big club and then, as reported by Peter Abraham, he will be shipped to the Arizona Fall League to throw another 40 innings. Hopefully that sets him up for next season and around 150-160 innings.

Other than that it is nice to see the Yanks trying to give people their moneys worth in the final week of the stadium. I'm sure most fans would have preferred that this effort came in August or July but I guess we have to take what we can get.

Tonight they take on the Sox and try to keep playing the spoiler. Mussina vs. Vazquez, with Mike going for #18. Every win still counts for the Yanks. I can tolerate a third place finish this season but anything below that is just embarrassing.

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