Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Yankees want a Handout

Taxes suck. When you work in New York City you get the tax triple whammy, the fed, the state, and the city all take their cuts. I understand taxes are necessary to run government and provide valuable services to all citizens. What taxes are not for is building multi-billion dollar baseball stadiums. So you can imagine  my surprise that the Yankees are asking the city for another $350-400 million on top of the $900 million we already gave them.  To top it off,  the way the Yankees asked for the money. Actually it was more like a demand concluding with threats that the stadium won't be finished without the money. I am sure if the city doesn't pony up the money Hank will find investors somewhere.

Now in my opinion, one of two things need to happen: 1) Bloomberg should tell the Yanks to have A-Rod pay for the balance on the new stadium. or 2) 8 million New Yorkers should have a say the next time the Yankees what to try to spend their way to the world series. (that should be in about 2 months when their pitching staff really starts to have problems. CMW is out indefinitely and having no idea what the young kids will do, getting a quality starter has just become necessary to get to the playoffs.) 

$350 million is a lot of money that could do a lot of good for this city. Improving education and infrastructure should be the top priorities for the city over the next ten years. Preserving the naming rights to a baseball stadium in the Bronx should not be a priority. After all the Mets are having Citigroup pay for a portion of their new stadium.
I think the Yankees could survive with a stadium that costs $1.3 billion to build. (This is the current tab on the stadium thus far.) I hope Bloomberg doesn't cave and give the Steinbrenners their handout.


Dan said...

Bloomberg will be too involved in trying to secure Obama's VP bid to care about that stuff. Ha!

Joey said...

Not a bad choice for VP (I wanted him to run as an idependent), but who is bringing foreign policy experience to the administration?

Dennis said...

I keep hearing people refer to foreign policy experience. Anybody in the US who has foreign policy experience only has experience doing one thing, and that is screwing up.

If I am Obama and I want to be a successful president, I don't want anyone within a hundred miles of the White House that has been involved in US foreign policy for the last 15 years.

Hell, the last 50 years. I mean seriously, what was the last US foreign policy decision that worked out well, the Marshall Plan?