Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David's Wrist in a Sling

The Sox finished 4-6 on this road trip. They closed strong by taking three out of four from the Orioles. However, they received some bad news about Papi yesterday when they learn of a torn tendon in his wrist. Ortiz hasn't been himself all season, and if he has to miss the rest of 2008 to have surgery, I don't think the offense will suffer that much. They will miss his power though, and will have to continue to 'manufacture runs' as they have been doing. A team's season largely depends on how it is able to adjust to injuries.

Up next for Boston is the division rival Rays at Fenway. The Rays cannot be considered a surprise or fluke anymore. The Sox had better show some intensity and resolve in defending their home turf. It's these series that can determine who wins the division. I know some think that the division doesn't matter, but I'd rather not have Boston messing around with the wild card later in the season.

I am very intrigued to see Joba Chamberlain's first start later this week. My guess is the Yanks won't let him go more than 5 innings or 100 pitches, which ever comes first. Why do they handle Joba like a Ming vase and just throw IPK and Phil Hughes to the wolves? Is it because they actually think that Joba has a future, and the other two are throw aways? Any thoughts, Yankee fans?


Joey said...

The Sox should be able to make up Papi's production. The problem now is who will protect Manny in the lineup, Youk dare I say JD Drew?
I have to say Pete was right about the Rays. What is their over/under on wins for the season now? I say 83. Good point about the yanks, I assumed each of the three pitchers were potential studs has that opinion changed?

Dan said...

It will probably have to be Youk and/or Mike Lowell. Bat Youk #3, Manny #4, and Lowell #5? Perhaps they should give JD a chance to prove he's worth the $14 million they're paying him this season.

As for the Rays, they're still pretty hot. They just finished an 8-2 homestand. I don't see them fading yet.

Dennis said...

I would take the over on 83 wins for the Rays. But not very confidently. Young pitchers are inconsistent, if no one believed me in spring training, certainly they can believe me now.

I think the Rays will finish above .500, and if some other teams continue to struggle, they will challenge for the wild card.