Monday, June 23, 2008

Sox Salvage One

It took thirteen innings and about 150 men left on base, but the Sox finally manage to get one on this home series verse the Cardinals. I was most impressed with J.D. Drew's game saving throw to get the runner out at home in the top of the 13th. I don't know how the Sox got a lead off double in four straight innings and couldn't bring the winning run home.

As the interleague schedule continues, I wonder what on Earth they are going to do about the rain out against the Phillies a few days ago. When are they going to fit that one in? That is just one of the problems with interleague play. I can understand one series a year against a natural geographical rival such as Yankees vs. Mets, Cubs vs. Whitesox, or Orioles vs. Nationals, but the rest of it has got to stop. It's a major inconvenience. Those games could be played against other teams within the league that may help determine the wild card race or home field. In the current system, scheduling can turn out to be mighty unfair. For example, hypothetically, what if the Red Sox and Indians are competing for the wild card? Red Sox played the Cubs, Arizona, and Philadelphia while the Indians play Pittsburgh, Washington, and Cincinnati. The strength of schedule is not fair.

Lastly, so long to George Carlin. We'll miss you.


Joey said...

JD Drew had the throw to get Duncan at the plate.

Dan said...

My bad. You're right. I will fix that.