Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In my blog from 6/20/08 I said that Curt Schilling has 2998 K's. He has over 3100. The number 2998 refers to the number of hits he's allowed in his career. Sorry folks.
By the way, why can't the Sox buy a hit when Beckett is dealing? Last night, the Sox squandered 8 innings when Josh allowed only 2 runs.
It's reminiscent of the 13 strike out game that he lost a month or so ago.


Joey said...

I agree a waste of a great outing by Beckett. But not for nothing, but Dan Haren was also dealing last night. A tough loss hopefully they can come back tonight and get a win. Lastly, I think Youk was about to ask Pedroia to cut him like mick in rocky last night, thankfully francona prevailed with better judgement.

Dan said...

Here's an idea. If baseball wants to shorten games, why don't they get rid of the warm ups between half innings. They throw for hours before games. What's the matter? Your arms aren't loose enough. If he got hit in the eye during the game that would be one thing, but in warm ups they don't really need?

Dennis said...

They need something to do during the commercials.