Saturday, June 14, 2008

Joba does his thing

Joba is finally starting to show why he belongs in the rotation. It wasn't his best outing as evidenced by his four walks, but he was solid through six and only gave up the one run. That is exactly what the Yankees want out of him.

Soon he will be going seven or eight innings and striking out 10 every other start. Ok, that might be a bit much to ask for but he will definitely start to dominate as he continues to find his groove. It shouldn't be to surprising that he had some control problems as Joba has yet to pitch on the road.

It may sound like a pretty lame excuse, but rookies in every aspect of the game will often times perform better at home than on the road. Joba will learn how to adjust to that in time and with experience.

Tonight its Moose who gets the call. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, Mussina has been the savior of sorts for this early season Yankee rotation. Hopefully he keeps it going against Wandy Rodriguez who has been nasty so far this year.


Dennis said...

It was a solid outing for him. Beyond that, I am not saying a word.

Peter said...

That's all their looking for right now. I know that it wasn't a great outing but he maintained his velocity throughout the game and I think that he has generally improved each time out. It's ok to be skeptical of youth, but some of them actually suceed right from the start. Think Tim Lincecum.

Dennis said...

As a depressed Giants fan, I do few things other than think of Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, Lowry, Wilson, Correia, Misch, Valdez, and the rest of our young pitchers.