Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Sox are Halfway Home

Last night the Red Sox played their 81st game, so they are exactly halfway through the season with a record of 49-32. Now considering they had to go to Japan, have had nearly everyone on the DL at some point, got in a brawl, and had the D-backs, Phillies, and Cardinals, (3 playoff teams) in stupid interleague play I would say the Sox have had a good first half. They are in 1st place and on pace to win 95-100 games, which should get them in the playoffs. They will slump alittle in August like they always do, the Yankees will go 24-5 in August like they always do and once again there will be a battle for the division and hopefully a 7 game series in the ALCS.

In the second half the Sox need to worry about getting and staying healthy and getting some middle relief help either on the trading market or have someone in the bullpen already set it up. I am looking at you Craig Hansen. Last night was awful, but last Sunday you were great, what's the deal? Are you going to throw the slider for strikes or not? The Sox should be fine and I look forward to the second half.

As far as the rest of baseball, I don't see anyone coming out of no where and getting into the playoffs. NL: Phillies, Cubs, Cards, D-Backs. AL: Sox, Yanks, White Sox, Angels. Any thoughts?


Dan said...

So you still don't believe in the Rays who are tied in the loss column with the Angels and 1/2 game back of the Red Sox. They also enjoy about a 5 game lead in the wild card race.

Dennis said...

Not sure if the White Sox will hold on in the central as well. Both Cleveland and Detroit are still lurking, and word is that Liriano will be back within the next few weeks, so the Twins are not out of it either.

As for the Rays, I think they will end up with somewhere between 85 and 88 wins. A good season for a young team, but probably not enough for the wild card.

Joey said...

Can someone tell me who on the Rays has ever thrown 200 innings? I am seriously asking? Scott Kazmir did it a grand total of, wait for it,once. Anyone else? For the same reason that Lester will fade so will the Rays. I agree with Dennis, 80 someodd wins but no playoffs.