Friday, June 6, 2008

Manny Ramirez stat line...

Two hits, one HR, five RBI, one fight with Kevin Youkilis. It was a weird night at Fenway. Coco Crisp's ejection resulted in Chris Carter making his major league debut and getting the first two hits of his career. Jon Lester gave up a few hits, but the Rays could never string anything together. The Sox were actually out hit 9 to 8 but won by 6 runs.

I must admit, I liked Coco's piss and vinegar last night after getting hit by a pitch. I've never seen him get fired up about anything. Unfortunately it seems like that energy carried over into the dugout when Youk and Manny got into a spat about something and shoved each other. I guess we'll never know why.

I'll say one thing for the Rays. For this entire series, every time I thought a Red Sox hitter had smoked one to the gap, BJ Upton was there to snag it. The Red Sox have some rangy outfielders. Jacoby and Coco dive and catch balls with regularity (Jacoby hurt himself on such a play last night). With Upton you think he'll never get there, but he continues to close on the ball and ultimately makes a clean, routine catch for the out. He deserves some consideration for a Gold Glove.

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Dennis said...

You think he's good, you should see his brother at Arizona!