Friday, June 27, 2008

MLB just gets dumber and dumber

As I type this out right now the Yankees are getting pummeled by the Mets 12-5 and the Mets are looking to add more. Check that, make that 15 -5 since Carlos Delgado has just made Russ Ohlendorf and Latroy Hawkins his bitches. But I'm not upset about the impending loss and the possibility of the Mets taking tonight's game as well.

Yes, the Yankees pitching looks abysmal right now and frankly this back end of the rotation is. But it's hard to blame the Yankees as a team for not showing up today, since they hard to deal with the absurdity of having to play a night game in Pittsburgh before flying out to play the Mets, who have been in New York for the past four days including an off day yesterday, in a day night doubleheader.

But the worse part is that the Pirates refused to move up the game time last night because they felt they would lose out on ad revenue and fan attendance. The fact that the Pirates don't understand that when the Yankees come to town they are going to bring in heaps of money is stupid in itself, but when they could see the weather was going to be awful and they wouldn't be able to get it in only serves as more evidence as to why they are one of the worst run franchises in baseball.

Major League Baseball should have had the game scheduled for the afternoon anyway, since it was a get away day. They are constantly doing this to teams and it needs to stop. I can't imagine that they lose that much revenue when a game is played in the day as opposed to at night. If they did do you think the Cub's schedule would include as many day games as it does? The Cubbies seem to do just fine.

Anyway the Yanks can't complain too much when the pitchers they are sending out are Dan Giese and Sidney Ponson. Even a team as flaky as the Mets will destroy pitchers of that caliber. Hopefully, Brian Cashman has something up his sleave and he is just praying that these guys don't explode before he can find a real solution.


Dennis said...

Maybe next year the MLB will schedule 162 home games with 7 PM start times for the Yankees, after all, they wouldn't want the likes of Jeter and A-Rod to be inconvenienced. Really, 70 minutes on a luxury chartered plane and then having to start "work" at noon the next day, for the paltry sums these gentlemen are paid, it's a travesty.

Peter said...

Believe me I'm not giving them sympathy because they are so underpaid. Their getting it because the Met's salaries are just as big yet they get the homestand and the day off before the double header.

Plus interleague has made schedules way to difficult to manage since its inception. Just a look at a couple of years ago when Seattle and Detriot had their schedules screwed because of snow outs and they had to lose almost every off day they had.

Dennis said...

I know. I personally think inter-league play is a tragedy and should be done away with, but that is not going to happen. And it is always going to cause the most problems for two groups, those who are geographically isolated (Seattle, Arizona, Colorado) and those that bring big crowds (Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs).

And don't even get me started on the competitive imbalance it creates...