Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pettitte gets his revenge on Johan

Last time Pettitte lost to Santana he had Kyle Farnsworth to blame. This time he beats Santana thanks to a surprising 1-2-3 inning from Krazy Kyle. Pettitte was great except for the two mistakes he made that Ramon Castro and David Wright made him pay for.

The turning point of the game however, had to be Jose Reyes getting picked-off second with two outs and David Wright at the plate. Now if Reyes was at first and he was trying to take second to get in scoring position for Wright and Pettitte used his best move to get him, then you couldn't really be mad at him. But he was foolishly trying to take third base with two outs, a worthless accomplishment since he would score on a base hit regardless of being on second or third, and it wasn't even Pettitte's best move.

People keep trying to pin what's wrong with the Mets on a specific spot i.e. the manager or the GM. I think the problem with the Mets is obvious: Jose Reyes. He could easily dominate the game causing havoc at the plate on the base paths while stealing hits and runs in the field. Yet he always looks apathetic to the situation and he never uses his head. He ran them right out of the game yesterday with that lapse of concentration and his apathy spreads throughtout that clubhouse.

It does seem amazing that the Yanks could give up 15 runs in nine innings on Friday afternoon and then allow only two over the next 18 innings on the road. It's probably a bit much to expect similar dominance from Darrel Rasner after he has been pretty bad in June, going 1-4 with a 7.00 ERA over five starts this month.

Maybe the Yanks get lucky and end up with another Sidney Ponson type start from Rasner and Oliver Perez decides to walk the Yankees to victory. This game could get very messy, very fast.


Dennis said...

Jose Reyes is kind of like Willie Mays Hayes in the sequel to Major league. He read his own press all winter.

Peter said...

He was nice enough to further prove my point with his little tantrum at short after his errant throw to first.