Monday, June 16, 2008

Just when you think it's getting better it gets worse

So I guess it's the worst case scenario for Wang and the Yankees. Making up his starts is going to be difficult, especially since he was finally getting back into his groove.

Now logic dictates they look to pick up a new ace. I don't know if I see that happening. It's going to take a lot for them to pry Sabathia away from Cleveland, but if they could get him at a decent rate then he is the logical choice.

Beyond him there are few viable candidates at the major league level to replace a pitcher of Wang's caliber. The Yanks could also just hope that they can ride the youth for the rest of the season. Hughes will be back after the all-star break and Kennedy should be back soon.

Dan McCutchen was lights out during his last start at AAA when he threw a complete game shut out. Jeff Marquez has been solid too, but he doesn't really have the stuff to be what the Yankees need.

I guess the one good thing to come out of this injury is that it will lock Joba into the rotation for good this season. No one will be able to argue that he should move back to the bullpen now.


Dan said...

Hank Steinbrenner is an imbecile. Just go to that link. The DH rule is only 30 years old. Pitchers have been running the bases for 100 plus years. Half the time when players run the bases they're only going half speed anyway. I don't understand how a professional athlete gets hurt running 90 feet at a time. Wang's injury is flukey and unfortunate. I honestly feel bad for the guy, but c'mon Hank! I guess he doesn't realize that some things just happen, and you can't blame someone else for all of your misfortune.

Dennis said...

If Toronto continues to struggle, the Yankees can probably shake Burnett loose from them. Blanton and harden are available, but will be expensive.

Here's one no one has mentioned; Greg Maddux. there was a lot of talk about him returning to Atlanta, but now Smoltz and Glavine are out, and things don't look good for the Braves.

And speaking of the NL West, you can have Zito for a bag of balls and a Coney Island hot dog.

Peter said...

The Yanks wont get Burnett because Riccardi would get crucified for trading away his second best pitcher to a division rival for anything less than the big three.

I'm pretty sure that Maddux has said he would never play in New York, plus he is a six inning pitcher at best in the NL West. I don't think that would translate well to the AL East.

Dennis said...

Burnett is Toronto's second best pitcher? Seriously? Is that based on the fact that he is fifth amongst their starters in ERA, WHIP, On-base percentage against, K/BB, and BB/9 innings?

As for the big three, I don't think toronto would trade anybody for McHale, Bird, and Parish.