Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bitter sweet victory

Usually you can't complain when you win a game 13-0 to complete a sweep that puts you firmly over the .500 mark. But this of course could be a turning point in the season for the Yankees.

The Yankees will have to hold their breath until they determine the severity of Wang's injury, but obviously if you saw him limping down the dugout steps you know he will definitely miss some time.

Now there will be a ton of talk radio that will say the Yankees have to go out and sell the farm for C.C. Sabathia. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now I'm not saying the Yankees shouldn't explore the possibility of getting Sabathia, just that they shouldn't panic and make a move that doesn't make sense with their new found youth movement. Though this could all be a moot point depending on the status of Wang.

Until something is known for sure I am going to enjoy the solid weekend effort from the Yankees. They got quality outings from every starter, their bats put up big numbers, and they won the close game when they had too.

Next up is the Padres. They have some dangerous players but the Yankees need to take two of three from them at the Stadium. Especially on Wednesday since that is the day I'll be heading down there for the game.


Joey said...

Pete what gives? No pics from your trip to the Fens?

Peter said...

Don't worry I'm on it. I haven't had chance to get the pics off the camera yet.