Monday, April 14, 2008

Some kind words

Well, the Sox got what they needed this weekend. They are far from running on all cylinders, but when you can continue to win with injuries and not playing your best, usually you will be ok. To flip the page I will pay a compliment to a Yankee. Is there a more important player to their team than Derek Jeter? The Yanks looked uninspired without their captain. It made me think, if Jeter had not been with the yankees for the past 12 years would I get nervous when the Sox play the Yanks? If the Sox had a 3 game lead in August would I be afraid the Yanks would catch the Sox? The answer to both those questions is a definitive no. With Jeter it isn't the .317 avg., 82 rbi, 120 runs and the countless gold gloves that wins championships, it's the fearless leadership. Even with the payroll, without Jeter the yanks win maybe 83 games and finish 10 games behind the red Sox. With him they are a world series contender. With that in mind, Jete take the rest of the week off.

As I write this I'm watching the Red Sox rape Joe Borowski. He has to be the worst closer in baseball hands down. If people think the indians can win, well anything, with him as their closer think again.

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Sissy said...

Can you provide me with the link to Jete's blog?