Friday, April 11, 2008

Damn you, Comcast!

I finally had a opportunity to sit, relax, and catch a bit of a Sox game last night. So I turn on NESN and I see the freakin' Bruins. Where's the game? ESPN? The Deuce? Fox Sports? No, it's on CN8, which is Comcast's very own network. But can anyone answer me this? Why is it that the channel that the cable company runs itself is the only station that doesn't come in on my TV? This has pretty much been the case anywhere I've lived and had Comcast service. IT'S THE CABLE COMPANY'S OWN STATION! It looks more like the scrambled up reception you get when you try to watch Cinemax and you don't have a subscription. Sox and Stanks starts tonight. I'm sure I will be able to watch some of this series. There shouldn't be anything standing in my way... shouldn't be.

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Greg said...

Now you understand what it means to try to continue to be a Tiger's fan, here in the home of the Sox & the land of the Yankee's, wiht a few Met's fans thrown into the mix, just to make it really interesting. Not only do I never get to see them play, but they start out the season as if they are still in their mid winter's nap. I'm hoping they will eventually become the team that I thought they would be, and thank goodness they still have 150+ games to go, but they also have the problem of the Indians to contend with. My family is pretty much evenly devided between Boston & New York fans, and because I'm the father, they give me my due by tolerating my ranting and raving about how great the Tigers were when Al Kaline, Norm Cash, Bill Freehan, etc, etc, etc, were playing. Oh, well, I hope you get to see the Red Sox play once in awhile, and maybe even take in a game at Fenway on occasion, which is really more than I can do. I'm not even sure I know the name of the field they play on. Some bank, I think. Phooey.