Monday, April 7, 2008

The bats most be frozen

I'll was cold at the stadium. But it wasn't cold enough to freeze wood and the way the Yanks have been hitting you would think they were playing with blocks of ice. At least the Yankees all the sudden have a shut down pitching staff. Two starts by Wang and two wins. I wonder what all those naysayers are preaching now after they jumped all over him after his poor playoff performance? He was great at the stadium today, mixing in his slider and change with devasting effectiveness. He has done an amazing job at developing beyond his nasty sinker and each start he looks more and more like a true ace. Something I thought he would never be.

If only he were a little more economical and Cano used his head a little more he probably could have gone deeper into the game. But Robbie did make the game saving play in the seventh and that's what makes you forget about those Manny-esque moments in the field.

But hey, I'm never opposed to watching Joba trot out the 101 mph fastball(according to the Stadium radar gun) to make Willy Aybar look stupid. That's what makes going to the Stadium so much fun.

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