Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Never out of it.

Last night's 7-6 come-from-behind win over the Angels was the Sox third such win in the past four games. That line up is just too tough for most starters (least of all a hairy Weaver brother) to get through three times. Once the starter gets knocked around, it's time to feast on the bullpen. The scary thing is that it doesn't matter who is in the line up or what the order is. Even Sean Casey is batting .340. When Mike Lowell comes back the line up will be even deeper.


Dennis said...

It's not going to matter how deep the lineup is if Mr. Beckett misses any more starts. I'm not sure I buy this "slept funny" defense.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

No doubt. Without Beckett, the pitching staff does look rather ordinary. For right now they are 17th in the majors in ERA. They get more credit than they deserve for their pitching because they're the Sawks. But I think if they can stay in the middle of the pack pitching-wise, and get some bullpen help in a mid-season trade (Coco), they will be fine. As for his neck, MLB isn't subject to the injury report gestapo like the NFL is. They're going to downplay, exaggerate, and just plain make stuff up so as not to leak any info on what is really going on.