Sunday, April 20, 2008

Possible Triple Crown ( and I ain't talking about Barbaro)

I would say nearly 75% of the posts on this blog thus far have started or at least contained the phrase " I know it's early, but...". So continuing in that vein, I know it's early, but I think Manny could actually win the Triple Crown this year. He already leads the league in RBI's and homers and is within striking distance in avg. Currently, Youk is batting .378 and Manny is at .338 and at this point in the season that is three hits. Manny has never looked this good this early in the season. He typically needs the weather to heat up before he starts banging doubles off the monster.

There are two main obstacles that could prevent this magical feat. The first is David Ortiz. If Papi starts clearing the bases in front of Manny the RBI opportunities will obviously diminish. The second obstacle is Manny himself. I have commented on how Manny seems more dedicated than ever this year. He is concerned with his legacy as a player and is trying to do everything he can to get into the hall including padding his stats. However, any Red Sox fan can tell you Manny's attitude can change on a dime for no good reason. In August, he may want a month off and fake a toe knuckle injury. You just don't know with this guy.

Personally, I hope he does it. It is entirely possible for Manny to finish with 46-148-.340. Now that's a great season and with a little luck that could be worthy of a Triple Crown. I want Manny to do it, if for no other reason than it would be cool to see. Of course he is a clown, but people sometimes forget what a monster at the plate this guy can be when he wants to be.


Dennis said...

I think he will lead the league in RBI and HR's, he looks poised for a monster season, but I can't see him winning the batting title. He is a career .313 hitter, and has had some outstanding years in that category (.349 in 2002, .351 in 2000), but I think he will end up around .320. Even if he has a phenomenal year hitting, Ichiro will probably be up around .355 and take the batting title.

Dan said...

A triple crown may be a long shot, but an MVP may not be. Manny was in the top ten in MVP voting for something like 8 eight straight seasons. That streak ended last year. This may be the season when he finally breaks through.

Joey said...

Well if he wins the triple crown it would a crime if he didn't win the MVP as well. I know the Triple Crown is a long shot. There is a reason why no one has done it in 40+ years. And like I said he will need some luck to win it. (i.e. a lot of guys having down years)