Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let the Bidding Begin

So it came out today that Fausto Carmona just signed a huge new contract extension with the Indians for four years and possibly $48 million. This is great news for the Yankees. It essentially means that the Indians are going to let C.C. walk since they're blowing all their chips on Fausto.

Now the bidding war can begin and there is little to no possibility that the Yankees allow C.C. to go elsewhere. They have a ton of money coming off the books this year and they would hard pressed to not drop it all on C.C. to replace Pettitte and on Mark Teixeira to replace everyone who has played first since 2003. That is probably reason two that Cashman let Santana go. That and Hughes is going to be nasty in spite of people over-rating to his rough second start.

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Dennis said...

I disagree. Baseball is so awash in money right now that teams outside of New York and Boston can afford to pay their players. If Cleveland chooses to let CC Sabathia leave it will be just that, a decision they have made. He will not leave because they can't afford him.