Monday, April 28, 2008

Beckett's 13 K's an unlucky number.

The Sox just can't lose games like this. When your team is on a skid, you have to be able to turn to your ace to put a stop to it. Beckett delivered. The bats did not. I know folks will like to point out the throwing error by Beckett, but in the balance, the Red Sox must win a game when he goes seven innings, strikes out thirteen, and gives up two runs.

But like the man he is, Beckett took the blame. ''I basically lost the game for us. Throw away, and the home run to Longoria,'' he said. Pitchers often feel this way when they lose, even if they pitch well, but what else could he have done? They didn't score any runs. Do I need to take back what I said a week ago about that line up?

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Dennis said...

To be fair, Shields is an outstanding young pitcher who is just starting to put things together (yes Virginia, there are good young pitchers on teams other than the Red Sox and Yankees) and will have several performances like this before the season is over.

Oh, and by the way folks, the Rays are for real. Now, they are not going to make the playoffs this season, but they are going to be at or around .500. That means the winner of the AL East is going to be at 90 or 91 wins rather than 95 or 96, and that means that the wild card race will be a lot closer than years past.