Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's simple Math

I am surprised Yankee fans haven't spoken up sooner. I hate to admit it, but Hank Steinbrenner is right. Joba is a starter. They should have him change to a starter this year, kiss the postseason goodbye and be better prepared for the future. With three guys in the rotation (Phil Franchise, IPK, and Joba the Hut) who have never thrown 200 innings and a weak bullpen the Yanks will not be able to keep pace with the rest of the AL this year. The future, on the other hand, will look much brighter for the Yanks and their Big 3.

This is the right decision for Joba. (I can't believe I am giving the Yankees advice.) It will take a year or two for him to develop into a starter and he will probably have to spend some time in Triple A. In the end, when you have a pitcher with that kind of potential which is better: Having him pitch 200+ innings a year or 70 innings? It is simple math. You can always spend some money and get a passable closer, but consistent starting pitching is hard to come by. Also, from all reports, Joba wants to be a starter. If you are the Yankees, you have to make this guy happy.

A similar situation arose with the red sox and Papelbon a couple years ago. Papelbon wanted to be a closer (mainly because he is two olives short of a martini) and the Sox granted this request. It works for him and the Red Sox. The yankees should be the same with Joba. Make him happy. Make him a starter. He will have a longer and more productive career.

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Dennis said...

Nice idea, but the Yankees are never going to sacrifice a season, or even a game, to make themselves better in the future.

All this blowhard has done is put more pressure on Hughes and Kennedy, who are already pressing too hard to live up to unrealistic expectations.

All of this is going to continue until about June 15th, when the Yankees trade for a big name veteran pitcher.