Sunday, April 27, 2008

IPK showing some signs of life

It was nice to see Kennedy settle down after that rough second inning. It was really the only time in the game that he deviated from his attacking of the hitters. This should help him in his case to stay in the rotation, giving him another start to show he belongs here. My biggest concern is still the Yanks batting average with runners in scoring position. They still look like they are only comfortable with nobody on base which of course as a fan makes me incredibly frustrated to watch them leave all those runs on base.

They can't lose games to the likes of Jeremy Sowers. He may be a good young pitcher, but he doesn't have overwhelming stuff and it seems like every time the Yanks see a pitcher they haven't seen a lot of throw junk at them in the strike zone, they shut down. They don't seem to know what to do if half of them aren't getting free passes to first.

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Dennis said...

I kind of feel bad for Kennedy. He is going to develop into a nice #3 starter someday, probably for a team like Houston or Milwaukee. The problem is, right now, at the beginning of his career, he has been lumped in with Lester, Hughes, Buchholz, and Chamberlain, all future #1 or #2 starters. Kennedy just doesn't have the raw stuff these guys have. So, in addition to the struggles they will all have as young starting pitchers in the cauldrons of Boston and New York, Kennedy has something else to deal with.