Saturday, August 2, 2008

Say it aint so Mo

I have heard of closers not being able to pitch effectively if something isn't on the line but this situation with Mariano Rivera is getting down right ridiculous. He is filthy when it's time for a save but if it is anything but he just seems to lay an egg out there. And to think that Sidney Ponson actually pitched well and did it against a very tough team. I always have mixed emotions when the Yankees get something out of bad players like Ponson. I am happy that the team is doing well but I don't want Ponson to keep getting starts because everybody knows that sooner or later he's going to give it up when it matters.

Right now the Yankees are sitting in a very precarious position. They have a long road trip on the horizon and they can't afford to drop these next to games to the Angels at home. This little cold streak is just about at the point of wiping away all the good that came from their hot start out of the all-star break.

Today it's Mike Mussina vs. Jered Weaver. This is a big one especially considering that John Lackey is pitching the finale tomorrow against the likes of Darrell Rasner. It would take a lot for the Yanks to pull that one out.

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Dennis said...

It is looking like the Angels are the team to beat at this point. Best record in the league and hey trade for a huge bat in Texiera. And this week they decide to swing by the east coast and beat the hell out of the Yankees and Red Sox.