Friday, August 1, 2008

Manny off to Dodger Town

If a year ago you said Manny Ramirez would be playing for Joe Torre and with Nomar I would have told it is more likely Manny will get in a fight with Johnny Drama in the next season of Entourage where they would eventually hug it out and the episode would end in a chorus of "VICTORY!" Somehow this has happened. Manny goes to LA, the Sox getting Jason Bay, and the Pirates raked in 4 average prospects. It was clear Manny was ready to go and I am glad the Sox traded him as I could foresee Manny phoning in the rest of the season alla '06 just out of pure spite. Also the Red Sox have been playing awful as of late and I think they will start to play better this week with changes in the lineup and an easier schedule.

I have two qualms about this trade. How has this helped the Red Sox biggest weakness, the bullpen? I have been saying for weeks that they needed help and Theo has provided them with nothing.
How do you pick up Manny's salary ($7 million) AND give the pirates Moss and Hansen. Moss and Hansen are not the best prospects, but definitely OK. These prospects could have been used for bullpen help. The money was included when they were talking to the Marlins which is understandable, but the prospects were not. The Dodgers could and should pay Manny. How do do you give up the best player and spend the most money in a three team deal? Theo explain yourself.

This trade could end up costing the Sox the season, or it could turn out like the Nomar deal of '04. I have no idea. I have never seen Jason Bay a lick of baseball so who knows how good he is and how he will play in Boston. Plus he is Canadian. (It is something you have to consider.) The next two weeks will set the tone for the rest of the season. Either they will continue to fade or show the AL east they are still serious about winning another series. One final thought, at least the Yankees didn't steal Jarrod Washburn.


Mike said...

I think Sox fans will be VERY happy with Jason Bay. My best friend is a Pirates fan and I've seen alot of Bay over the past few years.

1. Bay is a MUCH better defensive option than Manny and I don't even care about the factor of learning to play the green monster. He'll be better from day 1.

2. You can definitely make the arguement that Manny is the better offensive player, but he's getting older and the two players have similar OPS and OBP.

3. Bay is younger, cheaper, and under contract through next season (at much less than 20 mil).

I think it may take a little while, but Sox fans are going to love Jason Bay...And let's not forget the added bonus to the rest of us that aren't Red Sox fans: We no longer have to hear how great Craig Hanson is going to be from our Red Sox buddies! Joy to the world.

Dennis said...

Some very good points Mike. I have a few more.

1. Yankees fans seem to think Nady, who was run out of town the last time he was in New York, has career highs of 20 HR's, 72 RBI, and has never played a meaningful game in the big leagues, is a sure thing, while Bay, who has two 30 HR, 100 RBI seasons, and also has never played a meaningful game, is a big question mark.

2. They also think a 36 year old catcher with 16 HR's and 28 walks in his last 800 at bats is going to improve their offense.

To be honest, I think the team in the best shape is still the Rays. They didn't get a right handed bat, which they need, but someone could still get through waivers over the next month. If not, they do have Baldelli coming back. If he can stay healthy for two months, even if it is only 4 or 5 games a week, he could be huge.

Peter said...

Nady wasn't run out of town by the Mets, Minaya had to deal him for a bullpen arm when Duaner Sanchez decided to reck his arm right at the trade deadline.

Oh and believe me 16 home runs in 800 at bats is a huge improvement over 16 home runs in 1200 career at bats. Pudge is no Posada with the stick but he's a heel of a lot better than Molina.