Thursday, August 21, 2008

Farewell for now

That's right, I'm taking off for a European adventure tomorrow evening so I will not be posting for the next week and a half. I guess I'm not leaving soon enough as the Yankees are currently working on putting another nail in their coffin up in Toronto. Everyone knows the Yanks are in a desperate spot now, but I wish they wouldn't show their desperation by letting Carl Pavano start a game.

Honestly I don't know if I would even let him throw in the minors, just to make it more difficult for him to get a contract after they buy him out at the end of this season. Anyway enough talk of venegance upon Carl Pavano, I will let thoughts of the off-season to come dominate my mind as I travel. So with images of CC dancing through my dreams and Joba and Phil getting his back, I will leave the rest of August baseball to Joe and Dan.

Yanks fans, keep the hope alive. I'm expecting a miracle run to get back in the playoff race. No one ever thought the Rays could be this good, and no one thought the Phils could win the division last September, so why not the Yanks playing in October again? Hey, it could happen. If doesn't, here's hoping the Rays hold on.


Dan said...

Have a good time, bro. At least you have fantasy football to look forward to. We have to promise not to turn this into a fantasy blog, come the NFL season.

Dennis said...

Why not?

Dan said...

I just don't want to reduce the football season to just the numbers. Fantasy also excludes those players that are not "skill" position players. I enjoy fantasy football as much as anyone, but I don't want it to become the focus of our writing once the NFL gets into full swing.