Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Scare for the Sox and Yanks

Last night the Red Sox failed to pick up a game on the Rays and lost to the joke of the league the Kansas City Royals. The Sox just cannot seem to get it together on the road. After a good series against the A's at Fenway I thought the Sox had turned a corner. They got rid of the clubhouse cancer and Jason Bay is playing as well as anyone could ask him to play. I think the season comes down to a road trip later this month when the Sox play 9 road games in 9 days all against the AL East. (O's, Jays, Yanks) If they go 2-7 or 3-6 they won't have enough time to recover. The schedule down the stretch does favor the Sox with plenty of home games, but they got to start playing atleast .500 ball on the road.

If that is the bad news, then this only makes it worse. David Ortiz felt a "click" last in his left wrist. Now, I shouldn't even say it, but if Papi isn't 100%, the Sox are dead ducks. The lineup is good, but without Manny, now Papi is the power guy. He is the guy every pitcher in the AL is afraid of in this lineup. If he isn't in the lineup or not 100% the Sox have big problems. The starting pitching is good, but not great and the bullpen is inconsistent. This team was not built to win games 4-3. (example: last night). I can only hope the wrist is fine and will make it through the end of the season.

The Yanks also saw their golden boy leave the game with "shoulder stiffness" last night. The Yankees' rotation is below average at this point with Chamberlain, their #2, pitching well. If he misses significant time, the big Stein better start thinking of a plan to kidnap Jarod Washburn from Seattle because Ponson, Ranser, and IPK will not get you into the playoffs. The Yankees have been hit harder than anyone this season with injuries they cannot afford another.

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Dan said...

As far as I'm concerned, Papi hasn't been there all season. I'm really more concerned about the pitching than the bats. What do you do about innings 7 and 8? I think that's what makes or breaks you on the road, being able to pitch.