Friday, August 15, 2008

Bye Bye Melky, hello again Brett

Well Melky finally played his way off the team. Today the Yankees sent Cabrera down to AAA Scranton and released Richie Sexson. To replace them the Yankees brought up Brett Gardner and career minor leaguer Cody Ransom. Ransom has been playing short stop for Scranton lately and has very limited major league experience. In 140 career MLB at bats, Ransom has hit at a clip of .236/.331/.364 which means he probably isn't long for this call up either.

This move could be the best thing that happens to Cabrera. Much like when he was sent down after his brief and embarrassing stint in 2005, Cabrera might use this as a chance to re-energize himself and as motivation. Richie Sexson also did well to earn his second release of the season.

Though Sexson had only 28 at bats, he only managed two extra base hits in those at bats. Richie might have benefited from additional plate appearances, but in all likelihood he would have produced at the same substandard levels as he did with the Mariners.

Here's hoping Gardner can finally capitalize on this opportunity and use his speed a little more.
He seemed very hesitant at the plate during his first call up so perhaps he will try to be a little more aggressive.

It is also being reported that the Yankees might be letting first round draft pick Gerrit Cole walk away to UCLA. I can't say that I'm happy that the Yanks are letting an 18 year old kid who throws 97 walk away, but he must not be to bright if he is going to turn his back on the money the Yankees certainly offered him. There were a lot of reports that Cole lacked maturity so perhaps it is best for the Yankees if he does take the road of higher education. And if Cole doesn't sign the Yankees will receive a compensatory pick in the first round of next year's draft which might be a good fortune since they'll probably lose theirs by signing away some big name free agent like Sabathia or Teixeira.

Tonight the Yankees get a brief stay at home and hopefully they use this time to right the ship against the Royals. They tend to beat up Gil Meche so here's hoping the trends continue tonight.

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Dennis said...

Ransom was with the Giants for a while, he is top shelf fielder at SS, and by extension just about any position in the infield. He can't hit at all, but as a late inning defensive sub and an occasional replacement so Jeter can rest, he might useful.