Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rough homecoming for IPK

This was the first time Ian Kennedy had pitched in southern california since the Yankees drafted him out of USC back in 2006. You would think Kennedy would be rather embarrassed by his poor performance in front of so many people that he knows. But apparently he was unfazed by the nine hits and five runs he allowed in only two innings.

Pete Abraham at the Journal News quoted Kennedy after the game as saying:
“I felt like I made some good pitches,” he said. “I’m not too upset about it. … What was it, a bunch of singles and three doubles? I’m just not real upset about it. I’m just going to move on and I’ve already done that.”

Well Mr. Kennedy you should be upset. I hope that this is merely a front to cover the true frustration under IPK's skin, because most fans wont take to kindly to hearing how some rookie pitcher doesn't really care that he got his team blown out of the water and dropped them another game back in the standings.

Kennedy needs to look back at a year ago when Manny Ramirez told the world that he didn't really care if the Sox won the ALCS. "It doesn't happen, so who cares? There's always next year. It's not like it's the end of the world," said Manny when the Sox went down 3-1 in the series that they eventually. Did Kennedy notice the fallout Manny got?

Yes Ian you should move on and let the tough defeats go, but don't act like you don't care the Angels kicked your but all over the diamond. So that you care a little or you'll lose the support of the fans along with the support of Joe G, Cashman and your teammates who I'm sure will all have a word with about your comments.

Here's hoping Dan Giese learns a little from Kennedy and saves the bullpen some. You can't count on the Yanks having another miracle comeback against the best team in baseball and their ace.


Dennis said...

If he sat in front of his locker crying for an hour after the game people would say he cares too much and needs some perspective.

Players deal with losses and poor performances different depending on their personal mindset. Was he unwise to say what he did to a reporter, yes, but I wouldn't worry about it.

As for the game itself, I think the Angels are just a better team than the Yankees ( and the Red Sox).

Joey said...

Don't rookies, in every sport, get a phrase book of things they are permitted to say to the media. If they say something not in the book don't they get fined. Just asking?

I have always doubted the Angels, especially their lineup, but with Texiera I think they will be tough in the playoffs. But remember that the Red Sox have absolutely owned them in the post season for the past 5+ years. So, don't give them the rings just yet.

Dan said...

In the media, they always say, how come everyone is sleeping on the Angels. Because in the post season they do nothing. It's the same with the Twins.