Sunday, August 17, 2008

The bats come alive

It has been a rare occasion this season when the Yankees have allowed the other team to score first and still won the game. Today was one of those days. Early on Mussina didn't have it but after the first he settled down and gave the Yanks six quality innings and for once the bats did the rest.

Arod led the way with five RBIs and a home run that seemed to revive the Yankees. There is always a lot of talk about Arod not coming through in the clutch or that all of his home runs come in blow outs. Now this home run came in a blow out but if he had struck out on that 0-2 pitch the entire game could have played out differently. What is more important a three-run home run in the first or a three-run home run in the ninth?

Arod catches a lot of flak for how he is perceived to crumble under pressure but just because a superstar doesn't have a twenty minute long ninth inning highlight reel (which Arod does have a long enough highlight reel of his own) doesn't mean the numbers he puts up are meaningless.

Anyway it was nice to see every player get in on the slug-fest today and maybe the Yanks can carry this momentum up north and capitalize on this mini-home stand. If anything they should have a pretty good day off tomorrow.

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Dan said...

A-Rod's home run yesterday also tied the game. I think that counts for coming through when it matters.