Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big win for for the Yanks

Can't say much more than that. They Yankees desperately needed a victory yesterday and things looked grim when the most reliable Yankee of all had an uncharacteristic collapse. But Mariano blowing a save wasn't the only rare thing to happen yesterday. The bullpen, aside from continual disappointment Damaso Marte, was solid during extra innings and Arod finally delivered a hit in a clutch late inning situation.

Tonight is just as big for the Yankees. The Twins are a team the Yankees have historically dominated and that much was true last month at the Stadium. Yes, the Twins are a good team but the Yankees have more talent and need to start winning games against teams they normally beat. The same goes for Kansas City this weekend. A sweep would go a long way to getting the Yanks back in the race and would become a necessity if Rasner falters this afternoon vs. Kevin Slowey.

By the way I thought we traded Kyle Farnsworth to Detroit. I guess he must have learned how to pitch left-handed and changed his name to Damaso Marte in order to sneak back onto the team. Marte has been atrocious since joining the team and is quickly playing himself out of getting his six million dollar option picked up for next season. Part of it has been how Girardi has decided to handle him, but his performance has been nothing but dreadful.

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Dennis said...

Why are the YES announcers so terrible? It's not that they are homers, most teams have that, and I am used to it, but they are just bad. Most of the time they don;t seem to even know what they are saying, and even when they have a cognizant point to make, they sound like George Bush trying to read a cue card. Rich as the team is, you'd think they could afford to pay someone decent to call the games.