Friday, August 15, 2008

Dice-K and Sox too much for Rangers

Impressive. The 3 game sweep of the Rangers was a hitting clinic. The Sox scored a record 37 runs in 3 games. Dice-K pitched well again. I know he isn't dominating, but look at his numbers: 14-2, ERA 2.74, 103 SO, and WHIP of 1.34. I know the the WHIP is a little high, but if he finishes strong shouldn't he be mentioned for the Cy Young? I know Cliff Lee will mostly likely win and he deserves it. I'm just saying, shouldn't Matsuzaka be in the conversation?

Next time a Red Sox fan, myself included, complains about our pitching we should just look at the Rangers. They have scored 688 runs and their run differential is still -55. That is unreal and will probably be worse by the end of the year. If they had any pitching they would be scary. The Sox get the Jays this week and they unfortunately will get Halladay tonight and Burnett on Sunday. 2 of 3 would be a good weekend. I think Francona has basically figured out the lineup with Bay, and the Sox prove more and more everyday that Manny is a greedy clubhouse cancer who almost sabotaged the entire season.

One last note, I am entering enemy territory this weekend and going to the Bronx. I will try to take some pictures for the blog.

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Dan said...

Another Dice-K stat that should be mentioned is that opponents are batting 0.194 against him with runners in scoring position. Is that a sign that he could be dominant, or a statistical aberation that will catch up with him? I think year three has to be the payoff year for him.

One thing that disturbs me about the Sox this season is that they beat the crap out of lesser teams and seem to get pushed around by other teams that are playoff bound or close to it. I wonder how much their record has been engorged by vanquishing the weak.