Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A win is a win

The Red Sox looked  bad this weekend and the showed their deficiency for a solid 8th inning guy. What do the Red Sox need? 3 games against the worst team in baseball. Lester was solid, but you have to question Francona trotting Lester out in 8th with a 4 run lead and only took him out when he took a line drive off the ankle. Then Francona brings in Papelbon  for a 5 out save against the Mariners. Come on! They may need to call NESN to see if they can purchase Dennis Eckersley's contract so he can pitch the 8th inning. 

I am only 25, but as long as I can remember the Red Sox have always had a weak bullpen. Some hope arrives this week with when converted reliever Justin Masterson returns from Pawtucket. Masterson is a good young pitcher with promise, but I don't think his inconsistency will provide any permanent relief in the bullpen. I think a trade is the real solution, but the Sox and Epstein are cautious because of the mess of the Gagne trade last year. I am not a GM and I don't know which relievers are on the market and what their price would be, so I cannot begin to offer a suggestion for a solution. But I will be disappointed if the Sox of July 22nd are the same team on August 1st.

On a sad note, a good friend of the members of this blog, Pete Rival, passed away today. Pete was a great guy and I don't think I have come across many people in my life who knew or loved the game of baseball like Pete. In my life there have been 3 people who taught me how to play the game of baseball and Pete was one of them. Pete was a diehard Yankee fan, so even I will be pulling for the Yanks to make the playoffs this year.

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Dan said...

Bullpens are awful by definition. If a pitcher has any real talent, he will be a starter or a closer. Teams that have won the world series over the past few years have had bullpens that just got hot, then showed their true colors the following season. Anyone remember Alan Embry from 2004?

Peace be with you, Pete.