Monday, July 21, 2008

Angels Assault Sox

Nice way to start the post All-Star Break run, fellas. The Sox just can't put the bat on the ball away from Fenway. They seemed to really lack patience and concentration at the plate vs. the Angels over the weekend. They continue to squander a big opportunities with the Rays floundering. Now the Yanks are playing better as well, which is all Boston needs.

I'm making myself ill by discussing the Sox road woes ad infinitum, but they have to do something. As the road losses pile up, I think that has to work on Boston psychologically. Winning cultivates a winning attitude, which leads to more wins. I think the same is true of losing. The more road losses there are the more the Sox pine for the security of Fenway. But as we all know, baseball is not a game in which you can 'try harder.' The Sox have to relax and be themselves away from Boston. Then hopefully the wins will come.


Joey said...

Just so you know the second half schedule does not get any easier in the second half. A lot of AL east games. They need to start playing with some consistency.

Dennis said...

To be fair, the Angels are no mugs. They do have the best record in baseball, and by a good margin in the AL.

And as for the road troubles, consider this; The Rays have played 44 road games (19-25), the Yankees have played 46 road games (23-23), but the Red Sox have played 53 road games (21-32).

Boston and New York also have a rough August, with each playing 12 home games compared to 16 away. But then Boston have 16 home and 9 away in September, including a seven game home-stand to end the season. The Yankees have 10 home and 16 away during September, including series at Tampa, LA, and Boston.