Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back in the Saddle

The Sox are back on top of the AL East where they belong. After a solid week at home and an exhausted Rays team going on a 7 game slide, the Sox vaulted into first place with a 2-1 victory over the lowly Orioles today. Dice-K struggled at times, but put together a solid 6 innings to go to 10-1 on the season. Not for nothing, but how does a pitcher who struggles at least one inning per outing go 10-1 and have an ERA of 2.65? It's one of baseball's mysteries.

With Ortiz on the mend and expected back by the end of the month the Sox seemed poised to make a run in the playoffs. The bullpen is still shaky, but hope Masterson can help fortify the situation in right field.

At the break, I would have to say that Pedroia has to be the team MVP. He has been the most consistent player at the plate and in the field. His energy and passion for the game is something that every player should have. I think the Red Sox have found their Jeter for the next 10-12 years. When V-Tek is ready, I think Pedroia will have a C on his chest.

One last question, rain is in the New York forecast for tomorrow, what would MLB do if the All-Star game got rained out? Bud you should get the braintrust working on that now because we all know you don't think well on your feet.

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Dan said...

Good point about Pedroia. It's such an advantage to get his production at 2B. He had a real nice game ending catch against the O's on Sunday.