Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cashman keeps making moves

As one of Brian Cashman's moves began to pay off yesterday, he decided to go out and make another. I doubt there is a Yankee fan anywhere who is upset with the deal to send Kyle Farnsworth to the Tigers for Ivan Rodriguez.

Farnsworth had finally gotten to be consistent with the Yankees and had put together a nice run as the set-up man. But Cashman did the right thing and assumed that Farnsworth was merely on a hot streak. He could easily implode the next time he is out there and for Krazy Kyle it is a slippery slope back to the bottom.

Cashman has one more move he should make and that is to steal Jarrod Washburn from the Mariners. With these first to thefts under his belt, it shouldn't be to hard for Cashman to fleece one more team. Every move he has made so far has been the right one, whether or not they pay off is a different story but you have to like how this team is starting to look.

Now if only Boston trades away Manny, then the Yanks can start to get a little optimistic about the outlook for this season. And I can't think about a better place to send him than Florida where he can finally get lost in the obscurity of the humid southeast.


Dan said...

Now who are you going to hate out of the bullpen? Every baseball fan needs someone to scream about everytime he comes trotting to the mound. For me it's Manny Delcarmen. The Sox need to keep Ramirez around this year, pick up his option just to piss him off, then trade him.

Peter said...

Well Jose Veras has potential and you never know cashman was probably thinking that when he made the move for Marte. Don't forget Brian Bruney should be coming back soon too.

Dennis said...

The arrogance of that post is the exact reason the rest of the baseball world hates Yankees fans.