Thursday, July 3, 2008

The power of the stache

I can't write much right now as I'm running out to work, but it was an awesome game in the bronx last night. The Giambino rocked the house for a grand slam and six RBIs while Arod provided a three-run jack to ice off the Rangers. Sid the fat kid did show his true colors last night but I'm sure with the lack of options right now he is probably going to get at least two more starts unless he gets absolutely wrecked in his next one.

It's good to see Cano is staying hot now. By the end of this season he should be right around .300 with forty doubles and 15-20 homers. Whenever a player is in a bad slump, check the back of his baseball card. His final numbers usually always pan out. I was also glad I was there to see Brett Gardner's first major league hit. Everyone in the Stadium was pumped about it and F.Y.I. he is as fast as they say he is.

Now we have the big series of the Yanks and Sox over the weekend. There couldn't be anything more American than that on the Fourth of July.


Joey said...

Where are the pics? Get on the ball chief!!!

Peter said...

Soon, soon. I didn't get in until almost 3 last night.