Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bad day in the Bronx for Joba, Rivera

Not much to say about tonight's game. Kevin Millwood was on his game, Joba was not. Melky Cabrera can't hit his way out of paper bag right now and Joe Girardi refuses to acknowledge that. It is impossible to fathom why Girardi wouldn't have Melky bunting in the ninth. Even if Melky was on a hot streak, it is the ideal bunting situation and Cabrera is the ideal hitter to have there bunting.

I think it's about time that Girardi send the Melk Man a message by sitting him for at least a game. That's why they called up Gardner. Tomorrow night Gardner needs be in center and Melky should be riding the pine. Gardner hasn't hit yet but I would have to imagine that the Yankees like what they see from him in terms of grinding out his at bats and the ease at which he stole that base yesterday. Every ball he has put on the ground has made the Texas infield rush their throws.

It was a rough day for both the first Yankee starter in the game and the last one. Joba just could not find the zone in those first four innings. Maybe it was the 114 pitch outing against the Pirates, or maybe it was the extra day off. Who knows. What is obvious is that he was way too amped in those early innings. His fastball was explosive touching 99 on the gun, but he was all over the place. Eventually Posada and pitching coach Dave Eiland made him throw more breaking balls to help him find the zone but by then his pitch count was out of control and he wasn't going to last long.

Mariano on the other hand just doesn't seem to be able to pitch in non-save situations. He has yet to allow a run in a save situation this season, but he always seems to get touched up in tie games or losing causes.

But the pitching has remained solid and that is the weirdest thing. Going into this series you would have expected to see a slug fest but it has been the polar opposite. It is impressive to see the staff shut down one of the best offenses in the game but the bats have to come alive against a mediocre Texas staff. There is no reason the Yanks have only scored three runs in these first two games.

In other news the Sox fell again to those devilish Rays. I do enjoy seeing the Red Sox lose, but the games between these two teams have been legitimately exciting. They feel like Yanks-Sox games circa 2003. There is a definite fire on both sides with the Sox are playing the role of bully while the Rays finally get to play the underdog spoiler. It's nice to see that franchise finally achieving something even though it may cost the Yankees.

You hate to see a perennial loser take 90+ loses year after year like Tampa Bay has. That's not what baseball is about. Now if only the Pirates could learn something and bring some pride back to the Steel City.

Anyway that's it for now. Tomorrow I will be headed down to the Stadium for Round 3 of this season. I will be doing my best to take some photos again. Maybe this time I will try to sneak down from the upper deck to get a few up close shots. I'll do my best to fit all of Sir Sidney Ponson in the camera frame.


Dennis said...

Enjoy the game! I think I will be heading to Shea next week to catch the Giants against the Mets in the final year of that stadium.

Let me know if you are interested in joining me Joe. I believe Tuesday and wednesday are night games and Thursday's is at 1 in the afternoon.

Joey said...

You couldn't pay me to make the trip out to Queens to that travesty known as a baseball stadium. Maybe I will go when they blow it up.