Saturday, July 19, 2008

The real New York Yankees

The whole first half of the season the Yankees almost actively avoided playing games this well. Solid pitching, clutch hitting and a few nifty plays on defense led to an easy victory. The Moose finally got his 12th victory despite allowing nine hits in just six innings. He is going to continue to be crucial to the Yanks success in the second half as part of the front three.

It was also nice to see a solid debut for Richie Sexson in pinstripes. Picking him up was a no-brainer for Cashman and the Yanks with the zero risk that was involved. Sexson will be a solid option against left-handers and here's hoping Joe Girardi has read the scouting report on Sexson and knows that he should never be allowed to look at a right-handed pitcher. Sexson probably wont stick long but hopefully he hits a few balls 400 feet before his strike out rate catches up with him.

Yesterday also had good signs coming from Robbie Cano and Arod. Arod might be able to shut up some of the critics who got on him about sitting out the home run derby if he starts the second half by ripping the cover off the ball. Meanwhile Cano, as always, needs a big second half to redeem himself for a first half of ineptitude and he's on the right path after last night.

Today it's Joba versus Sean Gallagher who arrived in Oakland after the Rich Harden deal. Gallagher was solid in his first start for the A's but that was against the Angels who like to pretend that they are a national league team. Hopefully today the Yankees give him a rude welcome to the American league and its power lineups.


Dennis said...

They are playing better, but I really wouldn't get my hopes up that the first 85 games were a fluke and the last few are what they truly are. I may be wrong, but I can't see this team winning more than 84-87 games. Maybe that will be enough to keep them in the wild card.

Peter said...

Well the evidence isn't quite there yet, but until they do falter in the second half and don't make the playoffs I think you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Sort of like the Braves during their run of 14 straight division titles. It's tough to pick against them when their history has shown that they always seem to find a way.